Lucile & Damien
15 Juillet 2017

Notre histoire d'amour...

If we had to tell you one thing about us... it would be that we're so thankful. Thankful that God brought us together. In life you interact with a lot of
different people, but only once in a lifetime do you find someone who is your perfect match. We're so excited to be getting married and most of all
excited to share our lives with one another. We are also grateful for the support of our family and friends over the past two years and feel blessed
to have you all in our lives. We look forward to sharing this special moment with you!

I do!

Lucile Babé 26.01.1989

Lucile is amazing. When I first met her I knew she was amazing and every passing day reminds me of just how amazing she is!

I really love her incredibly unique blend of talents, interests, and personality. She's a talented artist, always excited about trying new things, and a genuinely loving person.

She's everything I've always dreamed of and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with her!

Me too!

Damien Coevoet 31.05.1985

Someone once told me that "when you meet the right person, you'll know." Well, I just knew. Right away, we connected in a way that left me feeling whole and complete.

Damien has a truly amazing heart and I love how genuine and balanced he is about everything.

I am so incredibly blessed and excited to spend everyday for the rest of my life with my best friend!

Today and always, beyond tomorrow, I need you beside me, always as my best friend, lover and forever soul mate.

14 April: They moved together

Just a year after they met, Damien and Lucile finally decided to move in together. Although it seemed a hasty decision, they thought it made perfect sense at that point in their lives.

Due to Lucile's work, which required some schedule flexibility, it began to be increasingly difficult for them to be with one another. It was at this momment that both realized they needed (more than ever), the support and comfort that only they could give each other.

With the help of their families, they moved forward with this important decision and bought their first home together. And I must add that ... it was the best decision they ever made!

04 July: She said yes!

So how did Damien pop the question? On a Cruise ... off the shore ... of the Cayman Islands! (YES!) On their way down to dinner with the Ship's Captain, Damien's nerves got the best of him and he pulled Lucile back to the room and straight onto the balcony for the best proposal a girl could ask for!

Le mariage

Lucile Et Damien
sont heureux de vous inviter à célébrer leur mariage
15 . 07 . 2017
à 16h

Emplacement du mariage

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Cérémonie 16H

Église Saint-Symphorien de Bligny

2-41 Place de la Rochefoucault, 10200 Bligny
48.1725°, 4.6172°

Vin d'honneur 17H

Château de Bligny

Rue du Château, 10200 Bligny
48.1725°, 4.6172°

Réception 20h30

Château de Bligny

Rue du Château, 10200 Bligny
48.1725°, 4.6172°

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